Interstate's capabilities and experience expand beyond the standard highway industry. We take great pride in our ability to provide a quality source for architectural and specialty signage. Interstate will work with individual customers as well as working directly with architectural consultants on the design and manufacture of signs. We will do what is necessary to provide you with quality service and products.

Exceptional Experience

Quality Service

Architectural and mass transit signs such as those required by airports, theme parks, toll roads, subways, and ports may contain unique lettering, special color reflective sheeting, special color and type of paint, or removable plaques. Some signs may even include sign cutouts to allow for variable message placement.

Other specialty signs include internally illuminated, laminated panel, louvered, extruded, flat sheet, increment panel, and porcelain overlay. Interstate's rotating drum sign provides tolling authorities the opportunity to change and schedule the displayed message. This sign has been designed for minimal maintenance and maximum ease of service.

To provide a clear picture of these specialty signs, our experienced and knowledgeable special projects engineering team can furnish sign drawings showing the face of each sign. In addition, our engineering team will supply detailed fabrication drawings showing how the signs will be manufactured and what materials will be used. You can also rely on certifications and samples for these materials when required.