If you need raw materials for your own production, Interstate will furnish blank aluminum panels that will be chemically treated and ready for reflective sheeting application or painting. The hardware required to assemble these panels may also be purchased from our sales department.


Extensive Knowledge

Interstate leads the way in the manufacturing of increment panel signs. Increment panel signs consist of multiple pieces of flat sheet aluminum panel or HDO plywood connected by horizontal bars or windbeam. Flat pieces of aluminum or plywood are placed side by side to form the width and height required. Horizontal bar or windbeam, depending on design requirements, is attached to the back of the aluminum or plywood to hold the entire sign together. The face of the increment sign can be covered with a variety of reflective sheetings or non-reflective paints.

Each state and design agency requires a little something different in the construction of the increment panel sign. The extensive background and experience of Interstate and its employees provides us with dependable and reliable information to meet specifications. The flat sheet aluminum, plywood, and the structural shapes needed to manufacture increment panel signs are available and in stock at Interstate. This available stock gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with prompt and efficient service during the production of their project. In addition, if required by the state, we will gladly furnish certifications and samples for materials used in the production of Interstate's aluminum or plywood increment panel signs.

The structural shapes and hardware required for the building of an increment panel sign may also be purchased separately. Our large stock of aluminum structural shapes will provide you with a wide variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.