Guide Sign Delivery Made Easy

Large highway guide signs provide mileage and directional information to specific destinations and feature white text on a green reflective background.

The old way of transporting highway guide signs included crating each sign and proved to be as much of a hassle for the fabricators as it was for the installers. All that crating took valuable time and money away from either party. However, when Interstate SignWays acquired 150 30-foot specialized guide sign delivery trailers, efficiency dramatically improved. Now, we recommend this to all of our customers.

What do they look like? 

photo of guide sign delivery trailer  

Our trailers are 30-foot long and feature a flat-bed design and are equipped with modular towers that act as anchor points for the signage. (picture above)

Efficiency matters

Our goal is simple, provide the most high quality signage in the most efficient way possible. Speaking of efficiency, we load our trailers to the sequence that is provided to us for installation. This minimizes sign damage, minimizes sign handling, and reduces contractor labor costs by up to 30%!

video depicting a crew load a highway guide sign trailer

Trailers can be dropped off at the work site and we can provide a rotation of trailers to ensure you always have the sign you need, when you need them.

Check out our trailers in action